Optimal Campaign Stages and Types for Businesses

Optimal Campaign Stages And Types For Businesses

When our job was marketing, I was frequently asked about the types of campaigns or marketing activities that needed to be done. To solve this problem, I wrote an article on the subject.

Marketing is a universal practice aimed at positioning a brand and driving sales, whether it be through services, recognition, or reputation. Not every advertising campaign requires a monetary transaction. As an example, let’s say you manage a politician’s social media and advertising accounts. Here, the key performance indicator (KPI) would be to highlight the politician and showcase them to the people. Success would be measured by the politician’s election, popularity, and more.

Hey there! In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the different stages and types of marketing campaigns. Sound good? Let’s dive right in!

The Stages and Types of a Marketing Campaign

We can confidently categorize this information into two main headings:

  1. Purpose
  2. Channel

We will now explore the different types of marketing strategies and campaigns that can be created under these two main headings with confidence.

Advanced Marketing

1. Purpose

We will now explore the various types of marketing strategies and campaigns that can be developed under these two primary categories.

Our objective in creating this title is to list our campaign goals and design unique campaigns to achieve them.

The following are some of the campaign types that can be established under the “By purpose” category.

1.1 Brand Awareness

Every campaign we launch to promote our brand and increase brand awareness falls under this category. Our main objective is to reach the maximum number of people and spread the word about our brand.

Brand awareness is crucial, especially when entering new markets, and requires significant investment. However, the returns are equally significant when the campaign is executed properly.

1.2 Acquiring New User/Customer

Let’s call it a new customer or new user acquisition campaign type. With these campaigns, we can ambitiously aim to acquire new users for our mobile application or gain new customers for our e-commerce website. (This campaign type encompasses many campaigns and is one of the most KPI-oriented and sales-generating campaign types.)

1.3 Cross-Selling Campaigns

Product B can be viewed as a marketing campaign directed towards those who purchase or have purchased Product A. This strategy is typically implemented to increase the average basket value, resulting in a boost in your ROAS. By successfully managing your ads, you will be able to achieve your goals.

Furthermore, targeting customers who have previously purchased Product A with relevant Product B offerings can help to encourage customer return.

1.4 Customer Referral Program

To put it simply, this tactic is a two-in-one solution. By offering a customer referral program, any brand that provides exceptional service and high-quality products can confidently expect to double their sales.

By sending a recommendation email to customers after their purchase or offering a recommendation attachment on the thank you page, we can encourage them to recommend us to others. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to share a great find with their friends? In addition to making the recommendation process easy, we can also offer a discount code for their next purchase as a thank-you for successful referrals. When contacting the recommended person, we can let them know that person A cares about them and highly recommends us. As a special welcome offer, we can even apply a discount to their first order. Our strategy can be summed up as “We give x TL or a discount code” to show our appreciation for both the referring customer and the new customer.

1.5 New Product Launch

Your brand can confidently launch a new product, and if it is already well-known, sales can be initiated through pre-orders. For new brands, promoting the product and creating a campaign announcing the product’s availability on a specific date can generate interest and sales. While paid marketing methods are generally more suitable for start-up companies, it is important to note that marketing tactics go beyond simply advertising on platforms. For instance, opening a topic related to the product in a relevant forum can be an effective marketing strategy.

You can confidently place all remarketing campaigns targeting your existing customers under this category. Leading brands with mobile applications, such as “Trendyol”, frequently use this technique. For instance, if you removed product B from your cart while purchasing product A, Trendyol can effortlessly assist you in adding it to your favorite list. As a result, whenever there are discounts on the products in your favorite list, you will be notified and given a chance to reorder. Furthermore, this model functions without any advertising campaign or investment, except for the optional use of additional notification tools.

We can certainly add more options to the Purpose category, but I have already listed the most commonly used marketing objectives and models above. Now, let’s move confidently to the second stage: the channel.


2. Channel

Once our purpose is established, we can confidently focus on selecting the best channels to achieve our goals. By identifying the most suitable channels, we can begin crafting our campaigns with a clear direction in mind.

2.1 SEO

With SEO, we have the ability to rank organically in front of potential customers in search engines, resulting in a significant increase in organic traffic without the need to pay for advertising.

SEO is a valuable asset that many businesses strive to obtain, and its development and implementation require a significant investment of both time and resources.

2.2 Content Marketing

Content marketing is a widely used strategy among many brands. In essence, it involves publishing content on popular or brand-related websites, as well as on the brand’s own website, to directly market the brand and its products while also measuring performance. In this strategy, clicks are considered as a key attribution model. Additionally, video content can also be used in certain cases. Videos can be viewed, shared, and their metrics can be taken into account to further enhance the effectiveness of the content marketing strategy.

2.3 Social Media Ads

One of the most effective advertising platforms for companies today are social media ads, with popular and widely-used platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and more. It is important to note the significant impact that advertising on these platforms can have on your business’s success.

2.4 Search Ads

Think of it this way: our ads are search-based, appearing directly in the search engine results for the targeted keywords. We guarantee that your brand will rank highly, and we shape incoming clicks to meet your specific sales or KPI goals.

2.5 Display Ads

With the right targeting, display ads can still make your business successful, even if you have experienced poor results in the past. Google, Programmatic, and Taboola are among the top advertising platform networks used for display ads, which are primarily used to increase brand awareness.

The success of an advertising campaign through display ads largely depends on the banner-image sets and content used. While accurate targeting is crucial, quality content is also important for achieving success.

2.6 E-mail Marketing

Our expertise in crafting targeted e-mails to both existing customers and subscribers allows us to develop effective campaign strategies through this channel. It is important to note that sending e-mails to the appropriate recipients at the optimal time results in a high success rate.

2.7 Affiliate Marketing

In Turkey, influencer marketing may not be very common, but it is a widely used marketing channel abroad. Typically, influencers work with many brands on an affiliate basis, whereby they receive a commission for promoting products. Recently, micro and macro social media personalities have been distributing food discounts for Trendyol. Every time a customer orders using their discount code, the relevant influencer receives a commission from Trendyol. This is just one example of the effectiveness of influencer marketing in driving sales and building brand awareness.

2.8 Influencer Marketing

Collaborating with social media influencers is a smart move. By carefully selecting the right platform and finding the perfect fit for your brand or product, all of your marketing efforts can be channeled through this powerful outlet.

2.9 Video Ads

Video ads can deliver excellent results with the right targeting, just like display ads. In Turkey, YouTube is a popular platform for video advertising. To advertise on YouTube, a Google Ads account is required.

Video ads are often preferred by companies for their ability to build brand awareness.

2.10 Audio Ads

Podcast ads are one of the most popular advertising channels today. You can confidently consider this option. For instance, all ads in the “Fularsız Entellik” program, which I closely follow and listen to, were created under this advertising channel. You can tailor ads to fit your brand through podcast makers.

There are countless other items to consider, but I have shared the most widely used and popular ones with you. If you have anything you would like to add, feel free to specify it in the comments or contact me directly.

If you are a business owner, do not hesitate to reach out to me for brand collaboration and advertising management.

We are confident that you will receive a swift quote for our top-notch integrated marketing, advertising, management, and consultancy services.

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