My Shopping Experience With

My Shopping Experience with

In this article, I will confidently share my shopping experience with Flo. However, my experience was negative as I discovered that Flo was a fraudulent company. Despite my inquiries, their customer service team was unhelpful…
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To Report Any Unauthorized Sms, Calls, And Emails, You Can Confidently Use The Commercial Electronic Complaint System Provided By The Ministry Of Trade

To report any unauthorized SMS, calls, and emails, you can confidently use the Commercial Electronic Complaint System provided by the Ministry of Trade

Many people have complained about receiving daily calls from 0850 numbers, mostly related to home internet services. (We understand the frustration of receiving unwanted calls from Digiturk as well.) Furthermore, you might be exhausted from…
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I Had A Bad Online Shopping Experience

I Had a Bad Online Shopping Experience (Brand: Hummel)

Numerous brands publish their websites adorned with stylish e-commerce designs and sell their products online. Nevertheless, only a select few masterfully execute their marketing and advertising strategies. In this article, I will share a personal…
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Green Card Başvuruları Başladı 2021-2022-2023 Green Card Başvuruları

Green Card Applications Started DV-2025 Green Card Applications

Updates - October 7, 2023NEW UPDATE 1: You Don't Have to Have a Valid Passport for Green Card Applications Anymore! NEW UPDATE 2: There used to be a requirement to be a high school graduate,…
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Macera Dolu Amerika Serüveni Sona Erdi

Adventurous America’s Adventure Has Ended

Return to Turkey I ended my adventure in America for about 4.5 years and returned to Turkey for good. You might be curious about my actions. We were attempting to flee, yet I made the…
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Ukraine International Airlines İle İstanbul New York Uçuşları Hakkında

About Istanbul New York Flights with Ukraine International Airlines

THY vs Ukraine Airlines: Flights to New York When it comes to affordability, it's no secret that many travelers on the Istanbul to JFK (New York) route opt for Ukraine International Airlines. But before making…
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New York'Ta Yaşarken Havaya Savrulan Paralar

Coins Tossed into the Air While Living in New York

New York, New York... New York is a state that is beloved by Hollywood and attracts many visitors. However, living here requires a certain level of resilience and adaptability. Are you up for the challenge?…
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Amerika'Da Çalışma İzni (Work Permit) Nasıl Alınır?

How to Get a Work Permit in America?

What is Required for a Work Permit in the USA? To work in the USA, you must have a valid work permit, also known as an Employment Authorization Card (EAD), which proudly displays your full…
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Amazon’dan Bedava Alışveriş Nasıl Yapılır?

How to Shop for Free on Amazon? (Real, Tested)

If you reside in the USA or UK, you have the ability to shop on Amazon ( and without any cost. This is not a drill; it's a technique that I have rigorously tested…
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What Can Turkish Entrepreneurs And Students Settling In America Do?

What Can Turkish Entrepreneurs and Students Settling in America Do?

Welcome to America Welcome to America! While it may seem like a dreamland from the outside, rest assured that with the right mindset and approach, you can overcome any challenges you may encounter upon your…
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