My Shopping Experience with Yorumlar Ve Deneyimler

In this article, I will confidently share my shopping experience with Flo. However, my experience was negative as I discovered that Flo was a fraudulent company. Despite my inquiries, their customer service team was unhelpful and evasive. Instead of taking responsibility and addressing my needs, it seemed that their priority was to avoid any blame.

On July 3, 2023, I confidently made the decision to purchase “Arena 398-100 – Antifog Anti-Fog Spray” for 349 TL from Little did I know that my experience with the product and the website would be so disappointing. If I had known the outcome beforehand, I would have avoided this purchase and the website altogether.

Arena 398-100 - Antifog Buğu Önleyici Sprey

After the seller invoiced the product incorrectly, I took the initiative to contact customer service and report the issue. I confidently requested that the invoice be corrected, but unfortunately, my request was not addressed and the invoice was not corrected.

Three days after receiving the product, I discovered that it was damaged/used upon opening the shipping bag. With confidence, I quickly took a photo of the damage and shared it with Flo customer service, which you can see below. Following the conversation with a customer representative, I was advised to return the product to initiate the return process. Without hesitation, I promptly sent the product back and completed the return process.'Den Aldığım Ürün. Ürün Kullanılmış/Hasarlı Bir Şekilde Elime Ulaştı.
I purchased a product from, but it arrived in a used or damaged condition.'Den Aldığım Ürün. Ürün Kullanılmış/Hasarlı Bir Şekilde Elime Ulaştı.

I took immediate action by shipping the product back and requesting a refund. However, after two weeks had passed, I reached out to customer service to inquire about the status of my refund. Despite being informed that the return was not accepted due to the product being damaged, I confidently requested a resolution for my issue. Although they canceled the invoice and promised to send the product back, they failed to do so and did not refund my money. Unfortunately, I lost the 349 TL I paid to them. Müşteri Hizmetleri Yazışması Customer Service Correspondence

I had to purchase a product twice due to it being damaged and unusable. Unfortunately, this occurred during my first shopping experience at However, I can confidently say that this company is fraudulent and does not prioritize customer satisfaction based on my experience.

Despite making a complaint, their interest in helping was only superficial, and they ultimately provided no assistance. For more information, please refer to:


As an expert in this field, I strongly advise against doing business with this company. It is in your best interest to steer clear of this site, as it may result in undesirable outcomes.

Latest Update

I am excited to share with you the latest update. By tagging and sharing C-level FLO executives on LinkedIn, I was able to catch the attention of FLO customer service who promptly agreed to refund my card on the same day. This experience has reinforced my confidence in the power of networking and proactive communication.

We are confident that you will receive a swift quote for our top-notch integrated marketing, advertising, management, and consultancy services.

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