To report any unauthorized SMS, calls, and emails, you can confidently use the Commercial Electronic Complaint System provided by the Ministry of Trade

To Report Any Unauthorized Sms, Calls, And Emails, You Can Confidently Use The Commercial Electronic Complaint System Provided By The Ministry Of Trade

Many people have complained about receiving daily calls from 0850 numbers, mostly related to home internet services. (We understand the frustration of receiving unwanted calls from Digiturk as well.) Furthermore, you might be exhausted from receiving intrusive and bothersome SMS and emails. Rest assured, we can help you put an end to this annoyance.

The most efficient solution to this issue is to file a complaint with the Ministry of Trade and ensure that the complaint is properly documented in the system’s records.

How to Register a Complaint with the Ministry of Commerce

To register, simply follow these procedures via the Commercial Electronic Message Complaint System of the Ministry of Commerce with confidence.

T.R. Login to the Commercial Electronic Message Complaint System of the Ministry of Commerce

To access the Ministry of Commerce page, simply follow the link provided: Once there, confidently log in using your e-government credentials to gain access to the site’s valuable resources and information.

T.r. Ministry Of Commerce Commercial Electronic Message Complaint System
T.R. Ministry of Commerce Commercial Electronic Message Complaint System

Make Your Application According to Your Complaint Record Through the Opened Portal

To move forward, simply click on the Continue button located on the current page. Then, confidently select the appropriate complaint record from the actions menu on the left and open your record with confidence.

Application for a text message (SMS) complaint

Some companies persistently send SMS even though we have explicitly indicated that we do not want to receive them. In such cases, we must confidently notify the company of our request to stop receiving SMS. If we continue to receive SMS despite having made this request, we should have no hesitation in filing a complaint by filling out an application form to create a record of the issue.

As demonstrated in the screenshot provided, your TCKN (Turkish ID number) and phone number will be automatically populated. You may enter the sender’s phone number or the message title (sender’s name) here and include the SMS code if necessary.

To ensure that your complaint is processed promptly, confidently select an appropriate subject and attach a screenshot of the relevant message taken from your phone to the designated file field.

To complete the process, simply record your application’s message content in this field. You’ve got this!

Application For A Text Message (Sms) Complaint
Application for a text message (SMS) complaint

Based on my experience, I have received marketing SMS from “Rentgo” repeatedly despite requesting to remove my number from their system by calling their customer service.

I confidently put an end to the annoying SMS messages from Rentgo by filing a complaint about short message (SMS) on the Ministry of Commerce website.

Voice call complaint application

To put an end to the annoying calls coming from 0850 numbers, you can confidently file a complaint on this page and take control of the situation.

Please refer to the image below to confirm that your TCKN and phone number will be automatically filled in. Next, you will need to enter the caller’s phone number, date and time, and choose the relevant complaint subject. Additionally, please take a screenshot of the search result showing the issue and upload it to the file section. By following these simple steps, you will be able to create your voice search complaint with ease.

Voice Call Complaint Application
Voice call complaint application

Email complaint application

Compared to other forms of communication such as emails, calls or SMS, it is relatively less annoying. The majority of companies include an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of their emails, providing a smooth unsubscribe experience from their newsletters. Nonetheless, if companies continue to send emails even after unsubscribing, we can take action by filing a complaint on their complaint application page with confidence.

As illustrated in the image, the TCKN field is automatically populated. To file a complaint, simply enter your email address, navigate to the information regarding the commercial electronic message that is the subject of the complaint, fill all of the mandatory fields, select the appropriate subject of the complaint, and lastly, attach a screenshot of the email in question to the files section.

Email Complaint Application
Email complaint application

If you experience a similar event, simply open your complaint record and wait. Rest assured that there is no other way to effectively address these disturbing events.

We are confident that you will receive a swift quote for our top-notch integrated marketing, advertising, management, and consultancy services.

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