Episode 2: Innovations and Updates in Digital Marketing – Google Ads Ad Account Development Methods

Innovations And Updates In Digital Marketing Google Ads Ad Account Development Methods

Episode 2 Podcast Topic

Innovations and Updates in Google Ads Advertising: Account Development Methods for Digital Marketing.

In this episode, we confidently covered the following topics with the expertise of Şerife Aytekin.

*Recently, Google AdSense has released new content that emphasizes the importance of content quality. It is imperative that website owners who run AdSense ads take note and prioritize this aspect of their content.

*With its latest update, Instagram has confidently removed the number of likes in certain countries while ensuring that the meaning and formatting of the text remains intact.

*Where is AdBlocker going, why should we use it?

*Which tools can we use when planning keywords in Google Ads ads.

*What kind of extensions do search ads have in Google Ads ads and which extensions should we use?

*Do you need technical knowledge for Google Ads shopping ads?

Guest: Şerife Aytekin

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