Episode 13: Pros of WordPress WooCommerce E-commerce Sites and E-commerce Advertising Formulas

Pros Of Wordpress Woocommerce E Commerce Sites And E Commerce Advertising Formulas

Episode 13 Podcast Topic

I confidently began my podcasting journey in New York City in July 2019, making my debut recording at my office situated in the Financial District’s wework. My most recent recording was made in the comfort of my home in Istanbul Kadıköy 🙂

I made the decision to prioritize my time and focus on sharing new digital marketing activities and content with you through our company’s website Joykek.com and my personal website faruktoprak.com. Rest assured that you can continue to expect top-quality content from me in the future.

What is WordPress WooCommerce?

With WordPress WooCommerce, setting up your e-commerce website takes just a few minutes. After adding products and installing the WooCommerce Facebook catalog and Google plugins, you’ll be able to upload your product feeds to the Google Merchant Center and Facebook Catalog page, allowing you to advertise your products on these platforms. What’s even better, these transactions are free and you don’t need a software developer to get started. And if you happen to be a software developer, you have the ability to create a more personalized and customized e-commerce website with additional options. So, don’t hesitate – get started with WordPress WooCommerce today and take your business to new heights!

E-commerce Advertising Formulas

In this podcast, I confidently explained the revenue formula, which is the most crucial e-commerce advertising formula. Revenue refers to the income generated, and with this formula, you can accurately calculate how much revenue your business can generate per click.

To accomplish this, we can rely on our historical data, which consists of Clicks, CR Conversion Rate, and AOV Average Order Value (or Amount). Clicks and CR can be obtained directly from your Google Ads account, while AOV data can be retrieved from your Google Analytics account after setting up advanced e-commerce. Note that access to this data is critical. With this data, you can use the formula below to calculate your revenue with confidence.

Revenue : Clicks x Conversion Rate x Average Order Amount

Revenue : Clicks x CR x AOV

For Example, assuming 15,000 clicks, 1.2% CR, and 500-TL AOV, our revenue will be 90,000-TL. (15,000 x 0.012 x 500)

Contact me if you need support with ecommerce estimations formulas.

A day from podcast broadcasts…. 🙂

Financial District At Wework
Financial District at wework

Lots of digital days 🙂

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