5 Important Issues to Consider When Content Marketing in Foreign Languages*

Five Important Issues To Consider When Doing Content Marketing In Foreign Languages

Content Marketing in Foreign Languages

It is an undeniable fact that Facebook is accessible in 140 languages, the Google Search Network is accessible in 123 languages, and Youtube is accessible worldwide with the exception of blocked countries. This signifies that the online world is, without a doubt, a multilingual environment. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid restricting oneself to a single language.

Based on the Internet World Stats report, it’s clear that English dominates with a staggering 985 million first-language users on the web, followed by 771 million Chinese-speaking users and 312 million Spanish-speaking users. It’s crucial to keep these numbers in mind when developing a content marketing strategy.

Top 10 Languages Using The Internet Most
Top 10 Languages Using the Internet Most

On average, China accounts for one-fifth of internet usage worldwide, with the Chinese spending approximately $1 trillion on the internet. This presents an unparalleled opportunity for foreign companies to tap into this dynamic market. The key to success in online marketing, be it in China or any foreign country, lies in language proficiency, while strategic success hinges on the content marketing that you create. In this article, we will provide valuable insights on how to create highly effective content in other languages and achieve success through meticulous criteria and strategic studies. We will briefly discuss five strategic studies that you can implement simultaneously, even if you are already implementing some of them, to maximize your chances of success.

5 Different Strategy Methods for Content Marketing in Foreign Languages

Search and Discover New Areas Regions

To achieve a triumph in content marketing, the initial step is to confidently determine the most fitting country, region, or area for our product or service. It is imperative to guarantee that we have meticulously chosen the unparalleled location for our marketing endeavors.

What to Look for in the New Region?

In order to identify our potential customers with confidence, we will actively re-communicate and interact with individuals who have already purchased our product or service within the region. Moreover, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis with these users to gain deeper insights into their behaviors and preferences, resulting in a more informed and confident approach to identifying our target audience.

  • Daily routines
  • Purpose / Problems
  • Trends / Barriers
  • Preferences / Questions
  • Interaction (How to reach them)

We have multiple ways of generating data, including conducting customer surveys, interviews, and visits, as well as creating website exit surveys. Additionally, our customer service department and sales team can provide valuable and detailed data. Once we have collected this data, we can confidently move forward to understand our customers’ ideas and expectations.

The Customer Empathy Map is an incredibly powerful tool that allows us to gain a deep understanding of our customers’ perspectives. Created by the renowned David Gray, this map provides unparalleled insight into our customers’ thoughts, feelings, perceptions, desires, and actions – essentially, their entire experience. By utilizing this tool, we can confidently make informed decisions that will greatly benefit our customers and our business as a whole.

Customer Empathy Map
Customer Empathy Map

When creating a customer empathy map, it is crucial to collect data using clear and concise language and highlight important information with bold or colored sticky notes. It is essential to objectively transfer data from the sales team and other web analytics to the map to ensure its accuracy and effectiveness.

After creating a map and analyzing your target audience, you will be ready to confidently engage in captivating and impressive content marketing tailored to your selected region or country.

Overcome Cultural and Faith Differences

When it comes to consumer purchases, culture and beliefs hold more sway than the opinions of the masses. To succeed in this arena, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the culture and other pertinent details of the country you’re investing in. One way to achieve this is to hire someone living in that country. Remember, the content marketing plan you have in mind may not be effective in that country and, worse, could be a source of embarrassment. So, exercise caution and conduct thorough research beforehand.

I can give an example of NIVEA’s advertisement with the wrong strategy. So what was NIVEA’s fault? NIVEA created an advertising campaign with the slogan “White Is Purity” which could be interpreted as promoting racism. After realizing their mistake, the company apologized and took the ad off the air.

Nivea: Misleading Advertising And Sharing
NIVEA: Misleading Advertising and Sharing

To ensure the avoidance of such mistakes, it is imperative to possess a profound comprehension of the culture and beliefs of the local area.

During Ramadan in Turkey, it is important to avoid making public advertisements for alcohol and taverns, unless targeting specific audiences. This is because Turkey is a country that adheres to Islamic principles and has regulated its living standards accordingly. Any content or sharing that goes against these principles may attract the attention of the Islamic community and provoke their reactions.

Search engine giant Google should be aware of this because it publishes a separate Doodle for each country.

Google Doodle Kultur Yoone8

How can we prevent problems from occurring in countries with different cultures and beliefs?

There are several ways to prevent this.

  • Examine the area. (basic culture and beliefs)
  • Analyze people’s behavior and thoughts by monitoring social media activity related to the country and its events.
  • Work with someone from that country to write marketing messages. Someone who can write content in the language and style of that country.
  • Consider hiring a few experts from different cultures to test the efficiency and nuances of your messages and content.

Remember: most people hold strong ties to their culture and beliefs, which can significantly impact their purchasing decisions. To succeed in your marketing strategies, it’s crucial to consider this factor and not disregard it.

Keep Your Message Simple and Clear

“You know, there’s a saying in our country… but I’m not sure who to tell it to 🙂 Anyway, the point is that your message should be clear, concise, and easy to understand.”

So how can we achieve this?

  • When it comes to translations, never rely solely on websites or applications like Google Translate. Instead, collaborate with individuals who are fluent in the language of the region. That’s why foreign corporate firms in Turkey require their employees to be proficient in English. Otherwise, they may end up recruiting individuals from their own country. However, local people who have a better understanding of the language and culture are preferred by companies, as they tend to achieve better results and performance. Therefore, if you lack English skills, it’s essential to work on improving them.
  • Mastering tone of voice is essential for a brand’s communication. Content language, tone, and style are all vital components to consider. When devising content, it’s crucial to prioritize the texts and messaging that best resonate with our target consumer base, highlighting their needs and preferences with confidence and conviction.

Furthermore, when taking a technical approach to enhance brand recognition, it is imperative to guarantee that regional keywords are strategically placed on your website for optimal SEO performance.

Find The Right Platforms For Content Sharing

You have 4 channels for content sharing in foreign countries. These;

  1. Owned: This refers to all the digital assets you have, such as your website, email addresses, blog pages, applications, communities, and so on.
  2. Shared: Your Youtube channel, social media accounts, etc.
  3. Earned: Embedded content, advocates of your brand, expert websites, supporters, etc.
  4. Paid: PPC, Sponsored content, social media ads, blog and vlogs, partnership ads, display ads etc. like.
Icerik Paylasimi
Content Sharing Platform Analysis

To achieve success, we must work on all channels. If you already have a strong position in some channels, it is essential to focus on the channels where you are not as proficient.

When it comes to working with social media, keep in mind that you have the power to carve out new spaces for yourself. Take TENCENT QQ, for instance – a highly popular social media platform in China – or Vk.com, a similarly popular platform in Russia and Ukraine. By knowing your options, you can confidently navigate this ever-growing landscape.

To achieve maximum reach, I strongly recommend utilizing popular forum sites and websites to distribute content. For instance, if your company is targeting the Turkish market, make sure to share your content on platforms like Ekşi Sözlük or Onedio. This reiterates the crucial role played by bloggers and content writers in expanding your reach and influence.

Measure Your Success

There is no doubt that the work is never truly finished. We must meticulously measure every task and accomplishment, no matter how small. Like any other marketing metric, our Net Return on Investment (ROI) in Turkish will serve as our ultimate measure of success.

To develop your content marketing strategy, start by creating your future goals.

The following success targets are accepted as common for almost all brands:

  • Build and increase your brand awareness in foreign countries.
  • Attract more visitors to your local website.
  • More sales volume to potential customers in foreign country.
  • Conversion of foreign country consumers into regular customers.

As stated in the B2C Content Marketing Trends 2017 report, a resounding 74% of marketers have made it their goal to bolster brand recognition through content marketing. This statistic underscores the industry’s confidence in the efficacy of this strategy.

Goals Marketers Want To Achieve With Content Marketing
Goals Marketers Want to Achieve with Content Marketing

After establishing your content marketing goals, it is crucial to confidently refine and develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that accurately track your progress towards achieving these objectives.

Drawing from the survey results presented above, we can confidently design a sample study to develop or create KPIs using the following steps.

Kpis Case Study
KPIs Case Study

Through consistent optimization of your campaign and content, great performance can be achieved.

To achieve success in foreign countries, it is crucial to focus on these five key items. Rest assured that implementing these strategies will help you effectively reach potential customers. If you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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