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Improving E-commerce Efficiency Through The Use of Artificial Intelligence

We are pleased to invite you to our upcoming event titled "E-commerce with Artificial Intelligence". The event will take place on Tuesday, November 28th, at 6:00 PM, at Kolektif House Levent. This event is designed…
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My Shopping Experience With Flo.com.tr

My Shopping Experience with Flo.com.tr

In this article, I will confidently share my shopping experience with Flo. However, my experience was negative as I discovered that Flo was a fraudulent company. Despite my inquiries, their customer service team was unhelpful…
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Google, Facebook, Ibm Etc. Firms Should Pay Us For Our Data

Google, Facebook, IBM, etc. Firms Should Pay Us For Our Data

As technology continues to develop, our personal information becomes increasingly valuable. Large technology companies analyze our data and use it to target advertising on their networks. As experts in personal data security, we are confident…
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Meditate And Relax Your Soul

Meditate and Relax Your Soul

Why Should We Meditate? You have already accomplished so much - graduating, saving money without giving in to spending temptations, and making your family happy. You have worked tirelessly during the weekdays and taken time…
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7 Important Criteria For Writing A Successful Business Plan

7 Important Criteria for Writing a Successful Business Plan

What is a Business Plan or a Business Plan? To present your great idea confidently to investors, you require a well-crafted business plan, also known as a "Business Plan" in English. When approaching an investor,…
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Arapların Türk Telekom Vurgunu Ve Türk Hükümetinin Dolandırılması

The Arabs’ Emphasis on Türk Telekom and the Deception of the Turkish Government

I'd like to begin this post with news of the biggest legal hit of the century. The Arabs have locked up exactly 4.75 billion dollars in Turkey and left. Congratulations… Privatization of Türk Telekom In…
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Our Desire To Take Over With Voice Commands Will Change The Future

Our desire to take over with voice commands will change the future.

Development of Voice Commands and What We Can Do Soon, managing websites will be a breeze as we can effortlessly use voice commands. With the help of artificial intelligence systems such as Siri, Cortana, and…
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Doğayı Katlediyoruz Ve Dünyaya Zarar Veriyoruz

We Kill Nature and Harm the Earth

Our world is disappearing When it comes to describing the world, the first thing that comes to mind is… And of course, we are all aware of global warming. In the following text, we'll be…
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Are You Aware? We'Re X-Rayed.

Are you aware ? We’re X-Rayed.

When individuals from foreign countries come to our nation, it is commonplace for them to encounter X-ray devices in numerous locations. I have been living in New York, USA for the past two years and…
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En İyi İzlenebilecek 42 Dizi Tavsiyesi Ve En Harika Diziler

42 Best TV Series Recommendations and Best TV Shows to Watch

With so many TV series available, it can be difficult to decide which one to start watching. Now that one series has ended, it's time to start a new one. Allow me to assist you…
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