Episode 3: Transformations of YouTube and Netflix, and Key Strategies for Google Ads Search and Display Ads

Transformations Of Youtube And Netflix And Key Strategies For Google Ads Search And Display Ads

Episode 3 Podcast Topic

What’s Happening to YouTube and Netflix and Important Tips for Google Ads Search and Display Ads

*Is there a ban on YouTube and Netflix in Turkey? *Are there any other tools we can use besides Google Tag Manager? You can find *Adobe Tag Management service and tools, *New marketing reporting tools with Heap Analytics.

In this week’s episode, we confidently discussed the following topics with Digital Marketing Specialist Ahmet Balat.

*What are the issues to consider when creating an advertising campaign on the Google Display Network? Are Smart Display Ads useful?

*What can we do to increase clicks and reduce CPC in Google Search ads while keeping the budget constant?

*How can we use Google Analytics and Google Ads effectively? Does Analytics Benefit Google Ads?

Guest: Ahmet Balat

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