How to Optimize Your Products and Advertising Campaigns on Amazon

How To Optimize Your Products And Advertising Campaigns On Amazon

We are confident that Amazon’s entry into the Turkish market will be a lucrative opportunity for many sellers. To make the most of this opportunity, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of how Amazon operates and how to effectively optimize our products and advertising campaigns on the platform. In this document, we will provide a concise yet comprehensive explanation to help you achieve success on Amazon Turkey.

Amazon is a powerful platform that allows anyone to sell their products. To begin, simply create an individual or corporate account on and start selling. Keep in mind, however, that because Amazon is available to everyone, selling on the platform may prove more challenging than anticipated.

If you’ve added your first product to Amazon and sales aren’t rolling in yet, don’t worry. This is a normal situation that everyone goes through. With so many products available on Amazon, it’s not easy to distinguish yourself from the competition and gain visibility.

How Do We Optimally Organize and Optimize Product on Amazon?

Before I talk about product advertisements, I would like to tell you about the content of your product. Let’s review the product content in 4 stages.

1. First and foremost, it is imperative that you enter the product descriptions with utmost accuracy and completeness. Keep in mind that even with a high number of product impressions, incomplete descriptions can significantly hinder the sales process. This underscores the critical nature of this step and the need for careful attention to detail.

2. Make sure that your product photos are not only realistic but also attention-grabbing. We are confident that with our guidance, your product photos will stand out among the rest.

3. Make sure your price is reasonable, do competitor and market research and write the right price.

4. To maximize your sales, it’s important to ensure that your shipping fee is reasonable. Consider offering free shipping to eligible Amazon Prime users, as this can have a significant impact on boosting your sales.

Now that we have thoroughly reviewed and revised all necessary components from the previous four stages, we confidently progress to the exciting stage of creating product ads.

Product Advertising on Amazon

When searching for products on Amazon, sponsored products will appear at the top of the search results. Amazon uses the CPC (Cost Per Click) model, so advertisers pay for each click on their ad. Amazon provides multiple types of ads, and advertisers can feature sponsored products in various locations. Rest assured that your product will gain visibility with Amazon’s advertising options.

Amazon Sponsored Products
Amazon Sponsored Products

We will now examine the critical factors to focus on when promoting products on Amazon and how to optimize them with ease in only two steps.

Auto Targeted Campaigns

To ensure a successful first campaign, we recommend starting with auto-targeted campaigns selected. Amazon’s machine learning technology accurately targets your product, so you can trust it to deliver results. If you have data and reports from previous advertising campaigns, you can use that information to optimize your new campaigns. However, if this is your first campaign, it is best to take advantage of automatic targeting for the most effective results.

Manual campaigns provide you with greater control over the products you choose, including the keywords you select. To avoid irrelevant keywords triggering your product and displaying it in search results, I recommend creating manual targeted campaigns by dividing your products into groups.

For example, let’s say a mobile phone store doesn’t group its products in its advertisement. In this case, the keyword targeting in the manual campaign may match other products or variations, such as color, leading to unnecessary impressions and CPC. By dividing your products into groups, you can ensure that only relevant keywords trigger your product, resulting in more efficient campaigns.

Keyword matches on Amazon are identical to those on AdWords, including Phrase Match, Broad Match, and Exact Match. Furthermore, the negative keyword strategy functions the same way as in AdWords. Therefore, it is highly recommended to refrain from targeting your campaigns with broad match keywords.

(Display Ads) Show Your Display Ads On Your Competitors’ Product Pages

Using display ads to advertise your products on the pages of your competitors’ products may be debatable in terms of ethics, but it is an effective way to guarantee reaching the right user at the right time.

Amazon Product Display Ads
Amazon Product Display Ads

To create competitor-targeted display ads, you have the option to use ASINs or select a specific product. This approach is widely recognized as the most aggressive type of advertising.

There are multiple effective methods to persuade the user, which includes pricing, the product’s features, and any supplementary perks, among other crucial factors.

Why Amazon Wanted To Be Included In The Turkish Market

To begin with, the government’s partnership with has caused some confusion. Turkey ranks among the top developing countries in terms of online e-commerce sales volume, which attracts the attention of major global brands. The existence of local brands such as Hepsiburada, gitgidiyor, and n11 does not pose a threat to these brands, as they allow people to sell their products abroad. This provides sellers with access to a global market and facilitates the entry of foreign currency into the country. Therefore, I strongly support the presence of online marketplaces like Amazon and Alibaba to facilitate online trading and promote foreign currency inflow into our country.

Is it possible for us to open a virtual store on Amazon and turn this situation into an opportunity?

Living in a rural area and stumbling upon handmade items presents an excellent opportunity to support local artisans by purchasing their products. For example, one of my clients in Konya was earning over $5000 per month by selling carpets and rugs. He even exported them to the United States and sold them on Etsy. I confidently managed his virtual store and Etsy ads accounts on the platform, helping him achieve success. There are numerous success stories like this, demonstrating the potential of leveraging global brands like Etsy to expand your business overseas.

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