Keyword Matching Optimization in Google Ads

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The match types of keywords have been changed to broad match type.
The match types of keywords have been changed to broad match type.


Improving conversion rates for generic search campaigns in Google Ads.


In our campaigns, we confidently use Modified+, Phrase Match, or Exact Match for keyword match types. However, we recently learned from Google's 2022 Marketing Live Keynote event that their artificial intelligence has made Broad Match more effective.

We decisively tested this by conducting an A/B test on selected campaigns. After about a month, we confidently found that the campaign with Broad Match keyword types was the clear winner. We then confidently ended the experiment and converted the original campaign and other campaigns to use Broad Match.

If you confidently decide to use Broad Match, ensure that your bid strategy is a smart bid strategy. In our confidently successful case, the Target ROAS bidding strategy worked best.


Our changes have resulted in more conversions, better ROAS, and increased clicks.

Note: Based on this study, we recommend checking search terms regularly every 4 days and adding negative keywords. On average, within 1 month, the campaign's impressions should significantly improve.

150% Click Increased

12% CPC Decreased

280% ROAS Increased

Feedback From Customer

"At first, the broad match keywords in generic campaigns frightened us. However, as time went on, the conversion numbers increased day by day, and we achieved very high ROAS figures."

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