Solving the Google Ads Campaign Not Spending Problem

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None of the search campaigns were spending and none of them were working.
After we completed our work, the campaigns started to spend immediately.


Our newly implemented search campaign in Google Ads is not functioning optimally and we will take the necessary steps to ensure that it starts performing as intended.


At times, Google Ads campaigns may not function optimally, leading to low spending. To resolve this, it is essential to confirm that the account is not in violation of any policies. If the account has been suspended, none of the campaigns will function correctly. In this scenario, our client's account was new with no policy violations. The campaigns worked correctly after they were created and approved. However, after 3-4 days, we made small adjustments to improve CTR and Conversion. Unfortunately, the campaigns stopped functioning correctly.

We performed detailed research and discovered 10 potential causes, which we investigated one by one:

  1. Account policy violation (as mentioned earlier)
  2. Date range problem: Campaigns may not have worked on selected dates.
  3. Ads are inactive or rejected.
  4. Ad/campaign status is at its lowest. To improve this, we need to update the image or text.
  5. Low targeting fee and optimization. If we are using a target like Target CPA, we can increase it.
  6. Low campaign budget, such as a daily budget of 30 TL.
  7. The audience we are targeting may be too narrow.
  8. We may have targeting that conflicts with another campaign. It is necessary to look at the targeting and keywords of the campaigns.
  9. Target impression dynamics. We need to examine the performance of our competitors.
  10. Conversion code problem: Interestingly, we found that the problem was caused by incorrectly adding the conversion code after trying the first 9 methods. The campaigns started working and spending right after we added the conversion code correctly. This was an unexpected solution. If you try these 9 methods and do not get results, be sure to check the conversion code.


Thanks to the changes we made, the brand's search campaigns are now working effectively.

Feedback From Customer

"We were initially concerned when our campaign wasn't spending any money, and we wondered if our chosen keywords were not suitable for advertising. However, Faruk and his team were able to promptly resolve the issue within a week on average. As a result, both campaigns are now effectively spending money and functioning properly."

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