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Improving E-commerce Efficiency Through The Use of Artificial Intelligence

We are pleased to invite you to our upcoming event titled "E-commerce with Artificial Intelligence". The event will take place on Tuesday, November 28th, at 6:00 PM, at Kolektif House Levent. This event is designed…
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What Should We Pay Attention To In Content When Doing Email Marketing?

What should we pay attention to in content when doing E-mail marketing?

For countless businesses, email marketing is an essential marketing strategy. It allows you to confidently connect with your existing customers or potential customers who have not yet made a purchase but may have an interest…
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Marketing Techniques On Shopify 1

Marketing Techniques on Shopify 1

Shopify is an exceptional e-commerce infrastructure platform, especially for companies aiming to expand their business globally. However, it is worth noting that the monthly payments, deductions, and plug-in or application fees (referred to as fees…
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Optimal Campaign Stages And Types For Businesses

Optimal Campaign Stages and Types for Businesses

When our job was marketing, I was frequently asked about the types of campaigns or marketing activities that needed to be done. To solve this problem, I wrote an article on the subject. Marketing is…
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What Is A Brand Smear Campaign And How Prepared Are Brands?

What is a Brand Smear Campaign and How Prepared are Brands?

Rest assured, even if a smear campaign or lynching has yet to be launched against your brand, it is always a possibility in the future. Even if your brand is currently the most beloved in…
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Google Optimize And Optimize 360 Are Shutting Down

Google Optimize and Optimize 360 are shutting down

Yesterday, Google announced via email that it will be shutting down Google Optimize and Optimize 360. We are confident that we can continue to use Google Optimize and Optimize 360 until September 30, 2023. However,…
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Mobile Application &Quot;Bereal&Quot; Winner Of Apple App Store 2022 Award

Mobile Application “BeReal” Winner of Apple App Store 2022 Award

The BeReal application emerged victorious in this year's prestigious mobile application competition organized by Apple. Although not widely popular in Turkey, it boasts a large user base worldwide. What distinguishes this mobile application from its…
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Is The Iyzico And Shopify Partnership Ending?

Is the iyzico Shopify Partnership Ending?

Is Shopify Shutting Down Iyzico? On the evening of May 24th, Shopify notified all users through the admin login screen that it will no longer be available on Iyzico after July 31st, 2022. This decision…
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Hepsiburada Managed Partner Ads Programı

Hepsiburada Managed Partner Advertising Program

Hepsiburada Managed Partner Ads Program The owner of Hepsiburada store has taken the initiative to establish an MPA platform that will effectively support small businesses in their Facebook ads. This strategy will surely bring about…
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Dijital Marketing?

We Made a Good Broadcast on Digital Marketing with Oğuz Kara

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aju5oDwSaLA In this digital marketing publication, created with Oğuz Kara, we cover the following topics Can anyone do digital marketing? What is the meaning of digital marketing? Which industry uses digital marketing the most? How…
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