How Pixel Retargeting Campaigns Are Created and Why Content Marketing with PPC Is Important

How To Create Retargeting Campaigns On Pixel And Why Content Marketing With Ppc Is Important

What is PPC and Content Marketing?

When consulting with a marketing professional, you’ll be faced with two powerful tactics: content marketing and PPC (pay per click). Don’t worry, I’m confident we can determine the best approach for your needs.

It is my firm belief that both content marketing and traditional marketing hold their own value and should be utilized in the appropriate ratio. Content marketing is undoubtedly a long-term process that can enhance user loyalty towards your brand and ultimately have a significant impact on your sales. According to the 2016 B2B content marketing research, a whopping 86% of businesses engage in content marketing, which is a testament to its importance in the industry.

In my expert opinion, both content marketing and traditional advertising have immense value and should be strategically utilized. It is undeniable that content marketing is a long-term process, but when executed correctly, it can significantly increase user engagement and loyalty to your brand, ultimately leading to an impact on your sales over time. According to the 2016 B2B content marketing research, a staggering 86% of businesses engage in content marketing, further highlighting the undeniable importance of this strategy.

The Magnitude of Remarketing and Its Profound Influence on Sales

By utilizing Facebook Pixel and Google AdWords (via Analytics), you can effectively implement remarketing or retargeting strategies. If your website has a high volume of monthly users and carries multiple products, it may be advantageous to opt for more professional systems such as Criteo. These systems utilize artificial intelligence to facilitate direct targeting, reducing your workload. Criteo is just one of the many suitable tools available on the market.

Retargeting is an incredibly valuable tool for online sales websites. Research has shown that a staggering 96% of website visitors are not yet ready to make a purchase during their first visit, indicating they may be in the decision stage or analyzing prices. Failing to use retargeting or having no access to the user’s email or personal information could lead to missed opportunities to convert potential customers.

If a person visits your website but does not make a purchase, it does not necessarily mean that they are not interested in your product. There could be various other reasons behind this, such as lack of brand awareness, high prices, inconvenient shipping methods, or additional costs. However, by effectively using retargeting, you can confidently persuade the user or customer to return and make a purchase.

The image below clearly demonstrates the process of retargeting in display ads through Google AdWords.

How Does Retargeting Work?
How Does Retargeting Work?

What is the Household IP Retargeting Difference?

By using Household IP Retargeting, you can include the entire household in your target audience. For instance, if Anne visited our website and joined our retargeting network, the ad we created will be displayed on all devices in the household, including the father’s laptop, daughter’s phone, and son’s tablet.

Such campaigns can often be used in campaigns that target parents and children. For example; such as Christmas presents. The family can talk about the same campaign at once. We can call this the family effect in sales.

Household Ip Retargeting
Household IP Retargeting

How to Set Up Retargeting with Facebook Pixel?

This article will exclusively focus on the Facebook Pixel. It’s highly recommended to work on both Google and Facebook Pixels for retargeting purposes.

First, let’s generate the Facebook Pixel code and integrate it into our website. No worries, it’s easy and I guarantee we’ll get it done in no time. Simply head over to and log in. Once you’re in, confidently click on the “Business Manager” button located at the top left, and then confidently click “Pixel“. That’s it, you’re doing great!

To create a Facebook Pixel, start by entering the Pixel name in the window that opens after clicking “Create a Facebook Pixel.” A popup screen will appear, as shown in the image below. Copy the code from this screen and integrate it into your website. If you require further information or assistance with integration, click here.

Facebook Pixel Remarketing / Retargeting Setup
Facebook Pixel Remarketing / Retargeting Setup

Audience Segmentation – Audience Segmentation

Based on a survey of marketing professionals, it is evident that personalization plays a crucial role in achieving marketing goals, with an impressive 94% importance rate. To put it simply, the more you personalize your ads or campaigns, the better your performance will be, and you will significantly increase your chances of successful conversions.

In the coming years, technology will confidently and accurately display ads for products or services that people truly desire or aspire to. For instance, when people glance at billboard ads, they will be presented with unique ads tailored to their individual preferences. These ads will showcase products or services that are relevant to their current or daily needs. This is a prime example of how personalized ads can be highly beneficial.

Personalizing your ad settings on Pixel is easy and crucial for the success of your campaign. As seen in the image below, when creating a new ad campaign, you have the option to create an ad that is specifically targeted towards those who visit a certain page using Pixel. It’s vital to pay close attention to the frequency cap and the number of past days. By utilizing the frequency limit correctly, you can avoid overwhelming your users or customers with your ads and ensure that they are seeing relevant content.

Targeting Users Who Visit A Specific Web Page
Targeting Users Who Visit a Specific Web Page

I highly recommend utilizing a custom audience for retargeting purposes. By creating an audience based on the general content of your products and website, you can ensure that your ads are being shown to the most relevant audience. For example, if you sell beard serum and have not yet created a custom audience, your ads may be displayed to women who have visited your website on their social media accounts. However, it’s possible that these women were visiting the site to purchase the product for their husband or boyfriend. To address this, we need to analyze our past data and examine gender-specific information. If men are making more purchases than women, we can exclude women from the custom audience we create. This way, pixel retargeting will exclusively show the product to men, resulting in a more effective advertising campaign.

Current Events and Personal Data

In retargeting, there’s no need to scrutinize a website, page, or individual product. We can gather this information even from personal details. For instance, even if I haven’t visited MFC gym’s website, they can display an ad on Instagram between 8 and 11 am that reads “start your day off right with a workout at the gym”. They can aim solely at the particular audience registered with that gym by leveraging personal information like phone numbers and email addresses. Rest assured, this targeted approach ensures a higher likelihood of success.

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