Episode 5: Cutting-Edge Advertising Models and Strategies for Digital Advertising in 2020

Cutting Edge Advertising Models And Strategies For Digital Advertising In 2020

Episode 5 Podcast Topic

What changes can we expect in digital advertising in 2020, and what new advertising strategies could we adopt?

Google Lead Form Extensions

In section 5, using the Google Lead Form extension offers the advantage of paying less CPC or PPC in campaigns and ads. The section also provides insights on how to achieve this, such as creating a new target audience strategy for remarketing and directing the final URL of ads to content rather than the product page. Additionally, the section covers how to create a custom remarketing audience for those who visit the URL and this page, among other topics. Furthermore, the section emphasizes how Chatbots can empower businesses to serve their customers better with artificial intelligence.

In 2020, we can confidently anticipate a plethora of changes and innovations in the realm of digital marketing. The days of traditional advertising are numbered, as digital advertising takes over, and new technology models will be utilized to drive the industry forward. We are also excited to see new models being developed through the use of artificial intelligence, which will undoubtedly revolutionize the way we approach digital marketing.

Firstly, the Google Lead Form extension – currently in beta – can provide valuable feedback if used correctly. However, there are concerns regarding data quality. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, where users can provide lead information directly through a form and engage with videos, content, or images, Google operates differently. Obtaining leads directly from keyword-specific users may significantly reduce the quality of leads. While the cost per conversion is low on Facebook, the quality of leads may be poor.

Using Chatbots

Using chatbots can significantly increase conversions for companies. Customers can get instant answers to their questions, which leads to reduced response times and costs for companies. Furthermore, fast-loading websites can improve the overall quality score, which may soon include fast response times as a factor. This means that response time could become the fourth item that affects the quality score of keywords in search campaigns. It’s a no-brainer for companies to utilize chatbots and fast-loading websites to improve their overall performance and increase conversions.

Our ads can achieve a lower CPC, CPC, PPC by directing users straight to the content blog article page, rather than to the product page. This approach enables us to provide users with direct information on the product. Afterwards, we can categorize these users into a separate segment and launch targeted remarketing campaigns. By segmenting users based on their interaction with our website, such as visiting and staying on the page for at least 40 seconds or scrolling down 2.6 times, we can drive relevant traffic to our website while minimizing costs.

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