Episode 10: How to Sell in Market Places and What are the Techniques to Increase Sales?

How To Sell In Market Places And What Are The Techniques To Increase Sales

Episode 10 Podcast Topic

In the May episode of the Digital Marketing podcast, we confidently discussed effective selling methods in virtual marketplaces and shared strategies for boosting sales. Our guest, Engin Güler, a childhood friend of mine, joined us for this insightful conversation.

When selling online, sellers often wonder whether to use virtual marketplaces or create their own e-commerce website. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on your goals and resources. Virtual marketplaces have an existing customer base and infrastructure, while creating a website allows for more customization and control over your brand. Weigh the pros and cons before deciding, but either option can lead to success with the right strategy.

There are several effective ways to market your products online with confidence. You can choose to sell them through your own e-commerce website, virtual marketplaces such as N11, Gittigidiyor, Hepsiburada, Amazon, E-Pttavm, Trendyol, or even a combination of both for maximum exposure.

For those without e-commerce experience, starting out by selling in virtual marketplaces is a recommended option. It is less costly compared to setting up your own e-commerce site. In virtual marketplaces, there is no need for technical or payment infrastructure; all that is required is opening a store. However, setting up an e-commerce site incurs additional costs for technical infrastructure, payment method integration, e-commerce site management, and site setup and maintenance. It is important to keep in mind the additional costs associated with an e-commerce site when deciding which option to pursue.

To easily win the trust of customers who shop from virtual marketplaces or e-commerce sites, it is essential to carefully choose a reputable platform. Customers tend to opt for virtual marketplaces that are popular across platforms, rather than shopping from an e-commerce site with no brand awareness.

Both platforms have their distinct pros and cons. Nevertheless, as a seller, starting with virtual marketplaces is the optimal decision to reach a cost-effective and easily accessible customer base. After successfully enhancing brand awareness and sales, we can proceed to the next phase of establishing our brand’s e-commerce site with confidence.

How Can We Open a Store in Virtual Marketplaces?

If we consider all virtual marketplaces, companies with Republic of Turkey tax numbers can open stores in these marketplaces. To apply, simply complete the online application and submit the required documents requested by the marketplace. The documents requested by the marketplace are listed below.

For Private Companies:

  • Tax Board
  • Signature Circulars
  • Copy of Identity Card
  • Contract Documents with Marketplaces

For Capital Companies or Ordinary Partnerships:

  • Current Activity Certificate
  • Tax Board
  • Establishment Trade Registry Gazette
  • Signature Circulars
  • Partnership Agreement (For Ordinary Partnerships)
  • Contract Documents with Marketplaces

How can we increase sales in virtual marketplaces?

To increase sales for our store in virtual marketplaces, we have several effective strategies at our disposal. Our top priority should be to maintain the highest possible score for our store in the marketplace. To achieve this, we must develop and implement compelling brand strategies. In the following sections, I will outline these strategies in detail, highlighting their benefits and impact on our overall sales.

Product names and titles.

To guarantee that your product reaches the intended audience, it is crucial to establish a clear and strategic product title with relevant keywords that precisely describe the product. By doing so, your product will be placed at the top of Google search results when customers search for it, thanks to the superior quality of the title we have established.

Product features and description

When customers browse your store’s products, the initial focus is on the technical specifications and descriptions. Create separate and descriptive features for each product, using easy-to-understand language. By providing clear and concise product descriptions, you can eliminate any confusion in the minds of customers and gain their trust with confidence.

Product photos

To ensure complete satisfaction of our customers, it is imperative that we provide high-quality photographs of our products from every angle. This not only gives our customers a clear idea of what to expect but also instills confidence in their purchase decision.

Product pricing

When your product is sold in other stores, it will face competition. However, don’t worry – customers are always on the lookout for the best quality product at the best price. To increase sales of your product, you simply need to make sure that your store offers the most competitive prices compared to other stores.

Shipping and shipping fee

To ensure that your store is more reliable than others, always make sure to deliver your products within the specified shipping time. Customers find it attractive when stores offer free shipping, so make sure to enable the “Free Shipping” option for each product. This will make your store more appealing to customers and increase the likelihood of being selected.

Customer messages

When customers consider purchasing a product, they will undoubtedly have questions. It is imperative to promptly answer these questions, as it not only increases the trust customers have in you, but also enhances your store’s rating.

Store rating and reviews

Customer ratings and comments play an essential role in boosting your store’s sales. As a store owner, your primary focus should be on generating sales and attracting new customers. One of the most significant factors that a new customer considers before shopping at your store is customer reviews. While not all customers may leave feedback, prioritizing customer satisfaction can encourage them to write positive reviews. Moreover, sending small gifts to customers as a token of appreciation can have a considerable impact, regardless of the gift’s size.

Sending an invoice

To guarantee customer satisfaction, always issue an invoice for the products you sell and send it along with the product. Customers appreciate having documentation related to their purchases. By instilling confidence in the products you ship, customers are more likely to choose your business again in the future.

Marketplaces ad management

Advertising is absolutely vital to the success of your marketing strategy, particularly during the initial promotional stages of your store. To effectively reach your target audience in the marketplace and enhance your store’s brand value, you must leverage all available advertising platforms. It’s recommended that you allocate a significant portion of your budget towards advertising until you reach a certain sales level and store score.

If you want to sell products on popular virtual marketplaces like N11, Gittigidiyor, Hepsiburada, Amazon, E-Pttavm, Trendyol, and others, there are specific steps you must take to become a member. During the application process, you will be required to provide certain documents. It is crucial to know which products are allowed and which are not on these platforms.

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