Episode 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing – The Key to Success in Google Ads

Introduction To Digital Marketing – The Key To Success In Google Ads

Episode 1 Podcast Topic

Introduction to Digital Marketing – The Key to Success in Google Ads

In this episode, we confidently presented Ulaş Gökhan Gümüş, an expert digital marketing trainer and consultant, and thoroughly explored the topic of Google Ads advertisements.

Why I Started This Podcast Series

As the demand for digital marketing podcasts grows and the supply remains limited, I am excited to announce my new project. Each week, I will bring on experts from various fields to share their insights on digital marketing and technology in Turkey. Stay ahead of the game with our weekly podcast.

Who is the Podcast Guest of Episode 1?

Ulaş Gökhan Gümüş was born in Karşıyaka, İzmir and moved to Istanbul to attend university. He currently resides in Istanbul. After graduating from the faculty of communication, he began working in the field of Digital Marketing. Additionally, he works as a trainer at Bilge Adam.

To achieve success in Google Ads, it is crucial to conduct comprehensive preliminary research before launching ad campaigns. Furthermore, consistent optimization is imperative after the ad is released.

Guest: U. Gökhan Gümüş

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