Episode 6: 2019 Season Finale – Verizon Media’s Impact on Digital Marketing and B2B Marketing Strategies on Bing

2019 Season Finale Verizon Medias Impact On Digital Marketing And B2B Marketing Strategies On Bing

Episode 6 Podcast Topic

Verizon Media’s platform is strikingly similar to Bing’s, suggesting that they may have utilized Bing’s existing infrastructure. Nevertheless, the placements are of exceptionally high quality.

To access Verizon Media’s publisher list, simply refer to the image below. The list comprises of high-quality settlement platforms, including Yahoo, AOL, MSN, and Outlook. By advertising on these platforms through Verizon Media, you can achieve quality conversions at low costs. These platforms are particularly ideal for remarketing, especially in shopping ads. Rest assured that with Verizon Media, you can confidently reach your desired audience and achieve your advertising goals.

Verizon Media Ad Publisher List December 21, 2019
Verizon Media Ad Publisher List December 21, 2019

As the industry leader, Google certainly has its advantages. However, there are also other advertising platforms available that can provide us with a competitive edge. Many people are not even aware of these platforms, which gives us an opportunity to stand out. While traditional Google ads may be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about digital marketing, it’s important to remember that this is a constantly evolving field that requires ongoing development and engagement. In short, in order to stay ahead of the curve, we should not rely solely on Google.

What Does the Collaboration Between Bing and LinkedIn Include?

Through our partnership with LinkedIn, Bing can now confidently target specific audiences for ads. By accessing user profiles on LinkedIn, we can create tailored ads, such as those targeted towards individuals with the job title X working at company X, ensuring that our ads reach the right people.

This situation is truly groundbreaking in B2B advertising. It’s well known that reaching the B2B side on Google or Facebook can be challenging, not to mention the high cost of LinkedIn ads. However, by accessing LinkedIn data through Bing, we could gain a significant advantage in the B2B sector. For more detailed information, visit the Microsoft advertising page by clicking here.

Our approach has shown promising results in the American market, and while its effectiveness in Turkey may be debatable, we are confident in its potential. Additionally, Bing is making significant investments to increase the number of advertising platform users in 2020. Therefore, we highly recommend taking a chance on Bing instead of relying solely on Google.

If you possess Bing Ads experience, I would highly appreciate if you could impart your insights on your triumphs or failures. Kindly complete the form on my contact page and submit it for my review.

What is Google Image Extension and How to Use It

Do you know about Google’s brand new Image Ad Extension?

We have the ability to incorporate visual extensions into our ads, particularly for search ads. This ad extension is a cutting-edge feature that, despite being available only on select accounts and undergoing testing, has yet to be widely recognized even in the US. However, as it continues to pass rigorous testing, we are confident that it will soon be accessible to everyone.

Google Search Ads Image Extension
Google Search Ads Image Extension

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