Digital Marketing Podcasts Total 14 Episodes

This podcast will delve into the cutting-edge advancements in the realm of digital marketing. I will impart valuable insights and guidance to those individuals who are keen on venturing into this field. If you have any queries observations, or if you are keen on advertising in our podcast, do not hesitate to reach out to me.

What Is Social Media Law When Will Facebook Ad Restrictions End

Bonus Section – What is Social Media Law, When Will Facebook Ad Restrictions End

Chapter 14: What is Social Media Law? We have a fantastic podcast lined up for you featuring guest Oğuz Kara. In this episode, we will delve deep into the social media law and provide detailed…
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Pros Of Wordpress Woocommerce E Commerce Sites And E Commerce Advertising Formulas

Episode 13: Pros of WordPress WooCommerce E-commerce Sites and E-commerce Advertising Formulas

Episode 13 Podcast Topic I confidently began my podcasting journey in New York City in July 2019, making my debut recording at my office situated in the Financial District's wework. My most recent recording was…
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Google Shopping Ad Campaign Strategies

Episode 12: Google Shopping Ad Campaign Strategies

Episode 12 Podcast Topic In Chapter 12, we discussed various strategies for Google Shopping Advertising Campaigns. Unfortunately, as of August 10, 2020, Google has made the decision to close Shopping Ads in Turkey. However, this…
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Most Popular Mobile App Publishers And Monetization Methods For Mobile Apps In Turkey

Episode 11: Most Popular Mobile App Publishers and Monetization Methods for Mobile Apps in Turkey

Episode 11 Podcast Topic Turkcell İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. is the undisputed leader in application publishing in Turkey, boasting an impressive portfolio of 32 applications and over 117.28 million discounts on the Google Play Store. Its…
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How To Sell In Market Places And What Are The Techniques To Increase Sales

Episode 10: How to Sell in Market Places and What are the Techniques to Increase Sales?

Episode 10 Podcast Topic In the May episode of the Digital Marketing podcast, we confidently discussed effective selling methods in virtual marketplaces and shared strategies for boosting sales. Our guest, Engin Güler, a childhood friend…
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The Digital World Will Completely Change With Starlink Satellite Internet

Episode 9: The Digital World Will Completely Change With Starlink Satellite Internet

Episode 9 Podcast Topic In the April Digital Marketing podcast, I confidently covered several important issues and innovations on the agenda. Without a doubt, the most significant topic this month was the Starlink internet and…
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Effects Of Covid 19 Virus On Digital Advertising

Episode 8: Effects of COVID-19 Virus on Digital Advertising

Episode 8 Podcast Topic Without a doubt, COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the world, completely disrupting the digital advertising industry. However, we are confident that we can minimize the damage caused by this…
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What Is Big Data How To Become A Data Analyst What Are The Differences Between Tableau And Python

Episode 7: What is Big Data, How to Become a Data Analyst, What are the Differences Between Tableau and Python

Episode 7 Podcast Topic In this episode, we skillfully delved into big data, offering valuable insights on how to conduct data analysis for digital marketing. We assertively communicated what it takes to become a data…
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2019 Season Finale Verizon Medias Impact On Digital Marketing And B2B Marketing Strategies On Bing

Episode 6: 2019 Season Finale – Verizon Media’s Impact on Digital Marketing and B2B Marketing Strategies on Bing

Episode 6 Podcast Topic Verizon Media's platform is strikingly similar to Bing's, suggesting that they may have utilized Bing's existing infrastructure. Nevertheless, the placements are of exceptionally high quality. To access Verizon Media's publisher list,…
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Cutting Edge Advertising Models And Strategies For Digital Advertising In 2020

Episode 5: Cutting-Edge Advertising Models and Strategies for Digital Advertising in 2020

Episode 5 Podcast Topic What changes can we expect in digital advertising in 2020, and what new advertising strategies could we adopt? Google Lead Form Extensions In section 5, using the Google Lead Form extension…
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Google Smart Shopping Ads Kullanimi Ve Turkiyeden Ornek Black Friday Geliyor Hazir Miyiz

Episode 4: Using Google Smart Shopping Ads and Example from Turkey – Black Friday is Coming, Are We Ready?

Episode 4 Podcast Topic Season 1, Episode 4. I am thrilled to bring you another podcast after a brief hiatus! Despite my busy schedule over the last 2-2.5 months, I have been working diligently to…
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Transformations Of Youtube And Netflix And Key Strategies For Google Ads Search And Display Ads

Episode 3: Transformations of YouTube and Netflix, and Key Strategies for Google Ads Search and Display Ads

Episode 3 Podcast Topic What's Happening to YouTube and Netflix and Important Tips for Google Ads Search and Display Ads *Is there a ban on YouTube and Netflix in Turkey? *Are there any other tools…
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Innovations And Updates In Digital Marketing Google Ads Ad Account Development Methods

Episode 2: Innovations and Updates in Digital Marketing – Google Ads Ad Account Development Methods

Episode 2 Podcast Topic Innovations and Updates in Google Ads Advertising: Account Development Methods for Digital Marketing. In this episode, we confidently covered the following topics with the expertise of Şerife Aytekin. *Recently, Google AdSense…
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Introduction To Digital Marketing – The Key To Success In Google Ads

Episode 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing – The Key to Success in Google Ads

Episode 1 Podcast Topic Introduction to Digital Marketing – The Key to Success in Google Ads In this episode, we confidently presented Ulaş Gökhan Gümüş, an expert digital marketing trainer and consultant, and thoroughly explored…
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