Episode 9: The Digital World Will Completely Change With Starlink Satellite Internet

The Digital World Will Completely Change With Starlink Satellite Internet

Episode 9 Podcast Topic

In the April Digital Marketing podcast, I confidently covered several important issues and innovations on the agenda. Without a doubt, the most significant topic this month was the Starlink internet and its immense impact on the digital world.

Elon Musk plans to bring the internet to us with the fastest and lowest cost with his new project Starlink satellite internet. This project of Starlink will cause a complete change in the digital world. It seems that especially countries trying to block the internet and preventing people from accessing information and resources will come to an end. At the same time, users will be able to access low-speed internet for free with Starlink.

In contrast, Google has proactively taken the initiative to list products for free in shopping ads and exhibit them in organic search results. The trial phase will begin in the USA before expanding to other nations. This noteworthy move highlights the critical importance of product SEO efforts, empowering enterprises to showcase their products free of charge in Google Shopping tab.

Starting next week, Google Shopping in the United States will now be featuring free merchant listings. For more details, kindly visit: https://t.co/osvaeRaqtk

— Google SearchLiaison (@searchliaison) April 21, 2020

If you are running virtual stores and listing products on platforms like n11, you can be confident that this is a highly manageable task.

Advertiser Information Begins to Publish on Google

This month, Google will be implementing a button next to search results that are published as ads. Clicking on this button will unveil information about the advertiser who published the ad to all users. This bold move by Google is indicative of its commitment towards a more transparent structure.

As per the social distance report compiled by Google, it is evident that mobility trends for markets and pharmacies have gone down by 39%, while workplaces have witnessed a decline of 45%.

It’s a fact that online market sales have been skyrocketing, with an increase of up to 60 percent. To keep up with this trend, the famous clothing brand Kiğılı has taken a fast and radical step by launching online market sales through its website. This move is not only impressive but also strategic, as it puts them ahead of the competition and positions them for continued success.

As a matter of fact, during the quarantine period, there was a remarkable increase in the sales of hobby products and books, while downloads of audiobook applications skyrocketed by 200%.

Thanks to the increasing popularity of sports applications on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, there has been a significant surge in sales of sports equipment and clothing. Furthermore, as more people continue to practice stay-at-home measures, the demand for household goods and decoration products has also seen a substantial increase.

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